Oct 192011

Why Our Hotel is a Great Value

Rude front desk staff at check-in = automatic 1 star!! I’ll never return and don’t recommend solely for that reason.

Its too bad too because I would’ve give them a solid 3-4 stars. The rates are very reasonable and the lobby was visually welcoming. Sure there is a bit of wear (paint chipping here and there) but everything was very clean.

Had they not been so unnecessarily rude at check in they would have earned a star for the free shuttle to Disneyland. It leaves hourly and takes about 10 minutes.

They also would’ve earned two more stars for there free hot breakfast. By far the best free breakfast I’ve ever seen at a hotel. – Toast, pancakes, potatoes, Spanish rice, eggs w/ link sausage in it, honeydew melon, coffee and OJ.

Poor form at check-in earns you a solid 1 star. Had the girl at check-in not been such an A-hole I would’ve recommend this hotel but alas….[SOURCE]